Should I remove the protective cover of my smartphone to use GoSpectro?

No, you can use the GoSpectro while keeping your protective cover. An adaptation kit is provided with the GoSpectro.

Is there a risk of scratches on the screen of my smartphone?

The GoSpectro is supplied with plastic screws specially designed not to scratch the glass of your smartphone.

Where is GoSpectro manufactured?

GoSpectro is manufactured and assembled in Talence, near Bordeaux, FRANCE.

What is the standard delivery time?

We ship the products within 2 business days, to which are added the standard delivery times per carrier.

Do I need a specific light source to calibrate the GoSpectro?

The initial calibration at the reception of the device must be done with a type of light bulb. low fluo-compact consumption available everywhere. Calibration can then be done with natural sunlight or with LED or halogen bulbs.

If I am concerned about GoSpectro calibration with my smartphone, what should I do?

The detailed videos are online about the GoSpectro calibration process. If you can not calibrate your GoSpectro, a qualified technician will call you to do so by submitting a request for support on the GoyaLab website.

I live in a country where you can not yet access Google PlayStore. How can I get the application?

Contact us, we will send the application directly and we will help you install it.

What are the minimum versions of Android and iOS to run the GoSpectro application?

Our application works on most smartphones that work at least in Android 5.0 Lollipop and iOS 8. We recommend that you check the list of compatible smartphones with GoSpectro.

What is the spectral resolution of GoSpectro?

The spectral resolution, that is, the ability to distinguish different closely spaced spectral components, is approximately 10 nm. The accuracy of the measurement is a few nm.

How long we guarantee GoSpectro?

We guarantee the GoSpectro during 12 months.

What are the characteristics of the GoSpectro application?

The GoSpectro application, available in Android and iOS, allows you to measure, record, export and compare spectra. It is also possible to change the spectrum scale, add a cursor in the graph or subtract a reference spectrum (for example, baseline).

What types of samples can we measure with GoSpectro?

The GoSpectro can measure any type of colored sample ( powders, liquids, rolls, volume) as long as they show an absorption in the visible.

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