Spectroscopy is a powerful tool for analyzing matter from the spectral components, the wavelengths, of the light that interacts with it. Until recently, this technology was reserved for professional use because of its complexity, its cost and the size of equipment.

Today, GoSpectro puts the power of spectroscopy in the hands of everyone, offering the world’s most compact and easiest spectrometer. This patented technology transforms any smartphone into a light spectrometer to measure, record, analyze and export spectral data. It is the perfect companion for students, professionals or anyone who needs to measure a light spectrum on the go.

The GoSpectro allows you to characterize and analyze materials with an ultra-compact device. The latter has a native internet connection  and has multiple applications in gemology. For example, for the identification of precious stones or agribusiness. In addition, we can use it to measure the quality of water, for teaching, for the authentication of products or works of art, etc.