Gemology and Jewellery


In the field, the gemologist must be able to buy his gems quickly. Its main identification tool is the magnifying glass. Back in his workshop, the gemologist will be able to confirm his purchases using his gemological tools.

Five instruments are at its disposal:

  • the magnifying glass (magnifying x10, aplanatic and achromatic)
  • the refractometer
  • the polariscope
  • the dichroscope
  • the spectroscope

On cut stones, and in 80% of cases, analysis with a magnifying glass and refractometer allows the gem to be qualified fairly precisely.

However, the refractometer becomes inoperative for raw gems and for cut stones with a refractive index greater than 1.8. We can cite as examples: Demantoid garnet, zircon, synthetic zirconium oxide …

In these cases, spectroscopic analysis becomes necessary. However, its use is still infrequent.

Spectroscopy, a powerful but little used technology. Why ?

Gemologists tend not to use the spectroscope because its use until recently was relatively complex. This for several reasons:

  • Difficulty in interpreting the gem’s spectrum depending on the unnatural source of light.
  • Difficulty reading the spectrum on the spectroscope (glasses, environmental colors).
  • Difficulty in comparing the absorption spectrum displayed in the spectroscope with the bible of gemstone spectra on paper.
  • Positioning and holding the gemstone difficult on the spectroscope while eyeing it for analysis.

To offer the power of spectroscopy to gemologists, GoyaLab has developed a range of spectrometer for different applications and different budgets.

GoSpectro: Easy reading of the absorption spectrum of colored gems at an affordable price.gem absorption measure with GoSpectro

Thanks to GoSpectro and the smartphone, GoyaLab makes spectroscopy and the power of its analysis accessible to everyone!

With the GoSpectro, the gemologist will be able to:

  • Immediately obtain a first qualification of the gem. Ex: immediate identification of a ruby ​​or a tanzanite by its absorption spectrum.
  • Objectively analyze the spectrum of the gem being measured on your smartphone
  • Share gem spectra with colleagues and community

>>> See the tests carried out to identify colored gems with the GoSpectro

The IndiGo: precise identification of colored gems by their absorption spectra in the field with the precision of laboratory equipment.

The IndiGo associated with a smartphone or a PC, will provide gemologists with the advantages of GoSpectro by adding:

  • The fine measurement of an absorption spectrum.
  • A near UV to near infrared analysis with a spectral resolution of the order of one nanometer. (Laboratory equipment equivalent)
  • Hands-free spectra analysis

IndiGo fluo: identification of gems by their fluorescence spectra.

IndiGo fluo offers gemologists the ability to identify their gems by their fluorescence spectra.

The IndiGo fluo is equipped with a high power UV excitation source (SW 254nm and LW 365nm) to identify gems by their fluorescence spectra.

It has an integrated gem holder to ensure that measurements are taken in the best possible conditions. (Dark measure)