Goyalab, expert in spectrometry


Who are we?

GoyaLab is a startup from the ALPhANOV Technology Center, a member of the French competitiveness cluster ALPHA-Route des Lasers & Hyperfréquences.

It designs, develops market measurement tools based on spectrometry. Moreover, it provides its expertise in Research and Development serving industry in the development of specific applications in spectrometry.

The story of GoyaLab, expert in spectrometry

In 2016, Arnaud Zoubir, PhD in Optics, realizes that modern smartphones and tablets have a camera and computing power compatible with spectrometric analysis in the visible.

Then, he then convinced his employer, Technological Center ALPhANOV to invest in the production of an handheld spectrometer prototype, connected to a smartphone.

Thomas Kuntzel, Engineer, joins the project to perform this development.

After several months of research, the first GoSpectro is launched on the market together with the filing of two patents.

In 2018, GoyaLab signs a technology transfer agreement with ALPhANOV for manufacturing, development and worldwide commercialization of GoSpectro and its future versions.

In 2020, GoyaLab launched the IndiGo, a compact, connected spectrometer, revolutionary in its modularity for multiple use cases. The IndiGo is at the same time, a visible spectrometer of scientific quality, a fluorescence spectrometer and a spectrophotometer for analyzis of absorption, concentration ….

In 2021 and on the strength of its first commercial successes, GoyaLab is in the process of developing an ultra-portable Raman spectrometer. Development continues….

Our mission

To develop powerful spectrometry tools that are easy to use, mobile and affordable thanks to new mobile and connected technologies (smartphones, tablets).

Our vision

The power of spectroscopy accessible to all. Democratize and desacralize spectroscopy.

Our values ​​and our strengths


Ingenuity is the ability to be inventive, to find solutions. Indeed, GoyaLab engages its resource to solve the problems of its customers with innovative technologies accessible to all.


Performance refers to maximizing value creation. In fact, we want each GoyaLab resource to be engaged in creating value for the company and its customers.

Socially and environmentally responsible

In a complex world that is changing faster and faster, we want respect for others and the environment to remain two pillars of GoyaLab and that each resource commits itself on this path.