Traceability and authentication

Traceability and authentication by fluorescent taggants.

GoyaLab has developed a range of fluorescent pocket size spectrometers that offer immediate portable reading of any product with fluorescent marking.

These taggants can be integrated into the packaging or in some cases into the product itself.

These mini spectrometers from GoyaLab provide an ultra-violet source of excitation (UVA, UVB or UVC customizable on demand) integrated as a complementary module on the front of the IndiGo to activate these fluorescent taggants.

It allows to authenticate taggant fluorescence instantly on a PC, tablet or smartphone using dedicated applications.

This fluorescence signature can be compared to a reference signature to authenticate the product under analysis anywhere and at any time thanks to the internet connectivity of the IndiGo.

IndiGo fluo offers a solution for different markets such as:

  • Authentication of tax stamps
  • Authentication of bank note taggants
  • Authentication of labels (Pharma, Chemistry)
  • Authentication of taggant in the field of traceability or anti-counterfeiting.

fluorescence traceability with optical UV taggants

The IndiGo fluo is a portable spectrometer (200 grams), connected and affordable for the traceability and anti-counterfeiting market using fluorescence taggants, pigments.