Spectrometry is a powerful technology. With an handheld spectrometer, you can analyse matter from the spectral components, wavelengths of the light that interacts with it. Until recently, this technology was reserved for professional use due to its complexity, its cost and the equipment size.

Today, GoyaLab with its range of IndiGo spectrometers (UV/Vis, Fluo LED, Fluo Laser, NIR) and GoSpectro makes spectroscopy accessible to everyone!

These are the most compact and simplest spectrometers in the world.

IndiGo is the ideal solution for precise spectral measurement outside of laboratories. With its compactness, its weight of about 100 g, its autonomy of 10 hours on battery, the IndiGo allows on the field analyses in absorption, transmission, fluorescence, and reflection of scientific quality.

In addition to its spectrometers, GoyaLab offers the SpectroLab application free of charge with a wide range of possibilities to analyse the spectra captured by the IndiGo, either on a PC application or on an Android application on a tablet or smartphone.

GoyaLab offers several complementary modules (LED excitation sources, laser excitation source, cuvette holder module for chemical analyses) that allow the analysis of visible or near infrared spectra on solid or liquid samples.

IndiGo UV / Vis: a portable, connected and modular visible spectrometer. The applications of this spectrometer are numerous in gemmology, biotechnology, academic research, colorimetric measurement, characterization of optical filters or even lighting sources.

IndiGo fluo is a fluorescence spectrometer, connected and modular. It is an ideal solution for manufacturers of traceability by optical tracers, for manufacturers of authentication and control of non-adulteration by fluorescence, for chemical analysis by fluorescence, for the identification of gems by their spectra of fluorescence.

IndiGo NIR is a portable, connected and modular near infrared spectrometer. There are many applications in the food industry for the measurement of proteins, carbohydrates, moistures and fats. Many other applications are possible with this near infrared spectrometer.

IndiGo OEM (UV/Vis or NIR) is a compact spectrometer for use on a bench in the laboratory connected to a PC or in an on-board situation in industry, for example connected to an industrial PC. The applications of this product are very numerous in laboratory or in industry.

GoSpectro: a spectrometer visible on smartphone or tablet

This patented technology is available transforms any smartphone or tablet into a visible spectrometer. In order to measure, record, analyze and export spectral data.

The GoSpectro is the ideal companion for gemological professionals or students. But also for anyone who needs to measure a spectrum of light in a portable way.

The GoSpectro makes it possible to characterize and analyze materials with an ultra-compact device natively connected to the Internet using a smartphone or tablet. Especially for applications such as gemology for the identification of colored gems thanks to their absorption spectra.

Thanks to GoyaLab’s spectrometers, spectrometry is becoming a democratized tool in the industry for field measurements, gemology, lighting and many other fields.

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