IndiGo OEM UV/Vis: a compact UV/Vis spectrometer

IndiGo OEM UV/Vis : a compact UV/Visible spectrometer

IndiGo OEM UV/Vis is a transmission spectrometer. It can measure emission, absorption or transmission spectra from 380 nm to 720 nm.

IndiGo OEM UV/Vis is compatible with multiple spectral analysis applications. It can be used in the laboratory or as an integrated solution for industrial applications.

Depending on its configuration, the spectral range can be customised from 380nm to 900nm and the spectral resolution (FWHM) from 0.8nm to 3nm (FWHM).

Slit Wavelength range Optical resolution (FWHM)
15µm 380nm – 720nm <0.9nm
25µm 380nm – 720nm <1.5nm
70µm 380nm – 720nm <3nm

IndiGo OEM UV/Vis is powered and connected via USB 3.0 (USB-type C). It is delivered with the SpectroLab PC application (Win10 64bits) to capture and analyse spectra.

Watch how to use IndiGo OEM UV/Vis and SpectroLab:

IndiGo OEM UV/Vis comes pre-calibrated on the nanometric scale. Intensity calibration is an option. Contact us by e-mail.

SpectroLab offers the possibility to recalibrate the IndiGo OEM UV/Vis on the nanometric axis and on the intensity axis. 

On the nanometric axis (x):

  • Fast calibration with a fluocompact lamp
  • Detailed calibration with a Mercury Argon lamp

On the intensity axis (y), a calibrated halogen lamps is required with SpectroLab.

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    The applications are unlimited. Today our expertise is focused in particular on the following areas

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil absorption

    Chemical analysis


    Education – Research


    Gemology and Jewellery


    Lighting and filters identification


    Traceability and authentication