Chemical analysis

GoyaLab has developed the IndiGo chemical module, the most compact visible spectrophotometer on the market for spectrophotometric chemical analysis.

Thanks to IndiGo chemical analysis module, an absorption measurement, an optical density (OD) measurement, a concentration measurement (Beer Lamber’s law) or a fluorescence measurement on a liquid contained in a cuvette becomes easy and accessible to everyone, at any time.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil absorption
Absorption measurement:

The IndiGo chemical module achieves an absorption spectrum from 380nm to 720nm with a spectral resolution of about a nanometer and this in a few milliseconds.

It allows measurements of 1 to 3 absorptions depending on the solutions to be analysed.

The IndiGo chemical module is equipped with a high intensity flat spectrum white light source (380nm / 720nm).

The IndiGo chemical module provides an absorption spectrum from a polychromatic source. (Not to be confused with an absorption spectrum under monochromatic exposure).

Multi-measurements of optical density (OD) :

The IndiGo chemical module offers a multi-measure mode of optical density (OD) at several wavelengths. Eight measurements are possible in sequence. Ex: OD420, OD520, OD620nm or OD600. These lengths are to be defined by the customer depending on its use case. (Colorimetry of wine, densitometry of bacteria, etc.)

The IndiGo chemical module allows OD measures from 380nm to 720nm. If required it can be customised for UV OD measurements. Ex: OD280. (Ex: IPT: Total polyphenol index of wine)

Extra Virgin Olive oil fluorescence
Fluorescence measurement of a liquid:

The IndiGo chemical module measures the fluorescence of a liquid contained in a standard quartz cuvette (10mm optical path) under different excitations.

Two excitations are possible to choose from and depending on the use cases.

In its standard configuration, the IndiGo offers UVA excitation (365nm) but the excitations are easily adaptable according to customer requirements.

The IndiGo chemical module offers a solution for different markets such as:

  • Absorption and concentration analysis on colorimetric reagents (Wastewater)
  • Colorimetric analysis of food liquids (Wine, Beer, oils, etc.)
  • Authentication and control of liquid adulteration by fluorescence (olive oil, honey, perfumes, spirits, etc.)
  • Bacterial density measurement (OD600)