GoLight : White flat spectrum broadband light source

GoLight: Flat spectrum white light source

The GoLight is a white light source based on multiple LEDs that generates a white flat spectrum from 380nm to 950nm. It is powered by a standard smartphone USB-C cable.

In addition to the GoSpectro or the IndiGo, the GoLight can be used to perform absorption or transmission measurements of optical filters or gems, for example.

The GoLight is customizable to customer needs to create a source of excitement on a different band than the standard in the visible. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.

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    Our GoSpectro and GemSpectr apps are available on the stores:

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    The applications are unlimited. Today our expertise is focused in particular on the following areas

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil absorption

    Chemical analysis


    Education – Research


    Gemology and Jewellery


    Lighting and filters identification


    Traceability and authentication