IndiGo NIR reflection: a near infrared reflection spectrometer

IndiGo NIR reflection: a near infrared reflection spectrometer

IndiGo NIR is composed of the IndiGo NIR core module and an additional NIR reflection module on its front containing 4 NIR LEDs broadband (700nm-1100nm).

A portable, affordable and customizable near infrared reflection NIR spectrometer.

IndiGo NIR reflection is particularly suitable for measuring humidity (moistures), carbohydrates, fats and proteins. There are many fields of application, ranging from milk, to cereals and to ripe fruits such as apples.

IndiGo NIR is compatible with most chemometrics software on the market.

The calibration model (PCA, PLS, etc.) can be integrated into the IndiGo to obtain a quantitative or qualitative measurement instead of a near infrared spectrum.

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    The applications are unlimited. Today our expertise is focused in particular on the following areas

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    Chemical analysis


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