Fields of application of GoSpectro

The GoSpectro is a solution with multiple benefits like ease of use or mobility is extremely useful. Indeed, it will allow professionals to analyze light spectra with performance and precision in multiple fields of application.

This handheld spectrometer is useful in several fields such as gemology and jewelery. Indeed, this device will identify the type of stone according to the light it reflects. Also, the GoSpectro and its fiber optic adapter are usefull in the field of education. It is true, this tool is easy to use and affordable. So, it will allow students to quickly become familiar with the material. Also, the low cost of this solution will be an advantage for institutions.

In addition, the GoSpectro will prove its usefulness in the field of lighting. Indeed, what better than an handheld spectrometer to determine a type of lighting quickly and easily?

Finally, in the era of innovation and the advent of digital, the world of counterfeits is increasingly in the news. Thus, our solution will provide quality authentication for products such as works of art, for example.

However, this tool is not limited to these areas. It can demonstrate its effectiveness and utility in other fields of application of which we do not yet know.